June 8, 2021

Your 60 Second Coffee Break with Chris Dabbs - Episode 39

Green eyes, ATM and cockroaches!

Hi and welcome to your 60-second coffee break, I'm Chris Dabbs and this is episode 39!
Do you have green eyes? Apparently, only 2% of the world's population have green eyes. 
If you have ever been to Vatican City, perhaps you've come across the only ATM in the world that details instructions in Latin.
And did you know that the fear of beards is called Pogonophobia.
No one really likes the cockroach but apparently these creepy-crawlies have been on Earth for 300 million years!
That's millions of years before the first dinosaurs even. 
And finally I just watched a documentary about beavers...it was the best 'dam' show I ever saw :)