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April 21, 2023

Welcome to the 60 Second Coffee Break Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to the 60 Second Coffee Break Podcast - Episode 1

Hey everyone,

Are you ready for a 60 Second Coffee Break?

In this first ever episode, I cover a range of topics that are sure to get you excited, get you interested and set you up for the day! From adulthood milestones to how cows chat with each other, this episode is packed with fascinating information.

First up, let's talk about adulthood. We all have different markers of adulthood, but some common ones include doing a weekly shop, getting a mortgage, having kids, and paying into a pension. It's interesting to reflect on what makes us feel like we've reached adulthood and how our experiences shape our perceptions.

Next, let's talk about hugs! Did you know that we all need three hugs a day?
Well, apparently the most receptive time to receive a hug is around 4:00 pm. A good hug is considered the best thing in the world, and new research suggests that hugs are essential for our well-being.
So, go ahead and give someone a hug today!

Moving on to a more unusual topic, let's talk about cows.
Did you know that cows can communicate with each other about food and the weather by making unique sounds? Researchers have even developed software that they've dubbed "Google Translate for cows" to help understand their language. This fascinating research sheds light on the complex communication systems of animals and how they interact with each other.

Finally, let's talk about work. A recent survey found that many workers feel worn out and don't feel fully awake until around 9:40 am on the average workday. This highlights the importance of getting enough rest and taking care of ourselves to perform well at work.

To wrap things up, I'll leave you with this quote from the episode: "A good hug is the best thing in the world." So, go ahead and give someone a hug today!

If you want to learn more about these topics, be sure to tune in to the 60 Second Coffee Break podcast.
Thanks for listening!